SMART Educational Management Software (S-EMS)


  • System User Group Setup: Includes group wise user access to the software so that within same department user will access different role according to the user group.
  • System User Setup: to create multiple users to access the software.
  • System User Task Assignment Setup: assign user to task based role dynamically, so that anytime system can change the tasks.
  • Class Setup: to add different class such as I, II, III etc.
  • Section Setup: setup section within each class added into the system dynamically.
  • Student Group Setup: student group such as science, arts and commerce.
  • Subject Setup: dynamically added subject for the students. Unlimited subjects can be added.
  • Staff Designation Setup: designation of both teachers and office staffs can be added.
  • Student routine Setup: options to add student’s routine both exam routine and also class routine.
  • Student Hall Setup: Student’s hall management and also allotment of hall reservation includes here.
  • Student Seat Setup: seat reservation service can be facilitating.




  • Personal Information: information including name, father name, mother name, date of birth, present address, permanent address, contact no, photo and so on can be added and also options to edit and update the records.
  • Guardian Information: guardian information such as parent’s service area, contact no, addresses.
  • Employee/ Stuff Registration
  • Personal Information: detail information includes name, address, date of join, designation and so on.
  • Academic Information: full academic background including results of all certificates.
  • Professional Information: promotion and service to other organization includes.
  • Skills / Training Information: training to each and every organization can be added.



  • Holiday Setup: to setup each holiday in the software calendar so that on holiday attendance will automatic not visible.
  • Student Attendance: this service includes attendance for students, teachers and officers so that software can track in time and out time acknowledgement and prepare the report end of the day and also end of the month. Both manual and automated systems are attached here.
  • Employee / Stuff Attendance: Systems are available.



  • Student Exam Setup: can be adding type of exam set by software administrators so that software will be run according to the setup exam schedule.
  • Student Exam Result Entry: each teacher of each subject will be posting the student’s marks into the software result sheet, so that end of the moment, student auto result sheet will be created.



  • Debit Head Setup: to create debit head for the institution.
  • Credit Head Setup: to create credit head for the institution.
  • Income: to prepare statement for the institution from all the income and also credit head wise income.
  • Expense: to prepare statement for the institution from all the expense and also debit head wise expense.
  • Bank deposit: also facilitate banking transaction to when and who transaction in bank.
  • Withdraw from Bank: each record to withdraw the fund from the bank.
  • Student Fees Collection Receipt Setup: facility to collect fee from the student from every month by only one single click. These will automatic print out student deposit copy.
  • Student Fees Collection: to keep track records of all students fee collection show from at a glance.



  • Supplier Setup: from which supplier institute purchase books for students, details information including name, address, contact no, outstanding and so on.
  • Author Setup: to setup different types of author.
  • Book Main Class Setup: to add type of books in the list.
  • Book Category Setup: setup different types of category of books.
  • Book Shelve Setup: to add location of the books setup such as almira-1, almira-2, left corner shelve and so on so that we can trace out books are store where.
  • Book Receive Setup: book receive setup category set by librarian.
  • Book Issue: librarian can be issue this book after notification received from the students.
  • Book Receive: student can receive books from the software.



  • Student Daily Attendance: in time and also out time reports for students.
  • Student’s Result: result sheet for the institute and also position wise result will be auto created.
  • Employee/ Staff Attendance: in time and also out time reports for teachers and office staffs.
  • Student Details: students profile can be viewed according to the searching parameters.
  • Student List Report (For Each Class): class wise student list can be shown.
  • Employee details Report: details list of employee can be view by report.
  • Employee/ Stuff List: list of all employee and also office staffs.
  • All Income by Date: all income report show date wise and also month wise and year wise.
  • Head Wise Income by Month: head wise income show from date to date search and print it.
  • Head Wise Monthly Income by Financial Year: to view full year financial income statement report.
  • All Expense by Date: to show all expenses search by date to date.
  • Head Wise Expense By Month: head wise expense statement from date to date search.
  • Head Wise Monthly Expense By Year: yearly expense statement by expense head wise.
  • Monthly Ledger Book: prepare monthly ledger book.
  • Student Wise Monthly Collection: fee collection from student by date to date.
  • Balance Sheet by Year: to prepare balance sheet for the financial year for the institute.
  • Balance sheet by Financial Year: balance sheet for the institute by financial year.
  • Bank Withdraw by Date: bank withdraws report by date to date search can be show.
  • Bank Deposit by Date: Deposits to banks by date to date are also track.
  • Student Result by Exam and Year: year wise and also exam wise result processing system are added.
  • Improvement Statistics by Student: comparative student’s marks can be viewed by the student so that he can see the all student’s results.
  • Class And Category wise Book List: report by book list for class wise and also category wise.
  • Issued Book List By Issue Date: issue date wise book list can be viewed.
  • Overdue Issued Book List By Return Date: track which books are overdue to cross the return date.
  • Hall wise seat allocation (allocated & vacant): seat allocation report.
  • Class wise seat allocation: exam sheet allocation method.
  • Student wise allocation history: student wise allocation report.



  • Admission Information Confirmation
  • Student Attendance Report Each Day (If Come or If Not Come.
  • Student Attendance Report Each Exam (If Come or If Not Come)
  • Exam Date Information
  • Exam Date Cancel Information
  • First Terminal Result
  • Second Terminal Result
  • Final Result
  • Wishing Congratulation In Final Result
  • Progress Report
  • Annual Sports Day Information
  • Annual Sports Results
  • Ceremonial Wishing ( Eid/ Puja/ Christmas Day)
  • Celebration of National Holiday
  • Annual Holyday Report
  • Sudden Holidays Information
  • Student’s Birth Day Wishing
  • Student’s Salary Awareness
  • Student’s Salary Payment Confirmation

Some other features may be included: i.e Asset management, Transport management, Certificate module (To print testimonial/character certificate/transfer certificate)

NB: Features can be added/removed on the requirements of your Institution.